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We are dedicated to quality care and assistance for individuals and their families in need of psychiatric care and treatment of substance (addiction) abuse.

Accreditation Pakistan — Karachi Centre For Addiction Counseling, Mental Health Law Courts Intervention & Back Channel Diplomacy offers the community, an inpatient treatment as well as extensive outpatient services for children, adolescents and adults. Feel free to browse and inform yourself with mental disorders and their treatment. This is the place where you can attain peace of mind by solving problems like depression, anxiety, or addiction etc.

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Alcoholism, Drug Abuse, Addiction & Mental Health Law Courts Interventions.

Addiction and Metalhealth

Heroin @ Home — Rise of Opiate Use.
A resurgence of heroin use, complicated by prescription pain—killer abuse, has dramatically risen in the last few years. The consequences, including a number of overdose deaths, have devastated a range of communities across Pakistan.

Heroin – The Next Generation / Documentary Educational Video on YouTube. Excellent update. Drug abuse is 21 century challenge. War on terror is not big battle when we are fighting with drug addiction. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbfKzDYzDJw&feature=player_embedded

We are One of the Leading rapidly established itself as a Premier, Respected, and Trusted National Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Psychiatric Illness & Bipolar Disorders Rehabilitation and Law House; that provides a diverse educational Curriculum on the Prevention, Intervention, Counselling, Treatment and Recovery Management of Addictions that affect various Genders, Generations, Cultures and Rituals.

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Controlled Dangerous Substances (CDS) / Prescription Legend Drugs (PLD) / Drug—Induced Death / Mental Impairment / Insanity Defenses / Criminological Intervention / Discrimination / Disability / Guardianship Advocates High Courts & Supreme Court; Speaking Out For Those Who Can’t Or Won’t Speak Because of Fear / Shame / Guilt.