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Professional Fees / Practice Management



Retainership(s) Sometimes.

Contingent — Never Ever Gambler.

Apex (Supreme) Court Rs. 5000/Hour. 

Free Consultation  No Ways & Paid Always.

Payment Types — Full Cash OR Online Deposit Only.

District / Sessions / High Court Hourly (Rs. 1000/= To Rs. 2000/=).

Initial Assessment / Consultation: 
Rs. 2000/= (Off—Peak) 
Rs. 3000/= (Peak—Hours)

50-Minute Individual Therapy: 
Rs. 2000/= (Off—Peak)
Rs. 2000/= To Rs. 3000/= (Peak—Hours)

60-Minute Couple Therapy:
Rs. 3000/= (Off—Peak)
Rs. 3000/= To Rs. 5000/= (Peak—Hours)

We offer reduced fee sessions during the daytime for students and those on low incomes. Dealing with a Criminal charge can be overwhelming. Criminal charges potentially lead not only to Jail and Fines, but can also give rise to a large number of serious collateral consequences such as firearm restrictions, driver’s license revocations, and restraining orders that prevent a person from entering their own home.

One thing is very clear: Promptly hiring an Attorney experienced in Mental Health & Criminal law will help to protect your Constitutional rights. Inamullah Ansari devotes 100% of his practice to defending the rights the accused in Criminal, mental Health and Drug Cases, you can ask questions about the consequences you are facing and how they can be addressed aggressively and thoroughly. Attorney Inamullah Ansari has practiced in venues throughout Karachi, across Sindh and accepts cases Nationwide.

When you hire Attorney Inamullah Ansari, the Terms of Engagement are clear at the outset. One Flat Fee is charged for representation in the entire case through Trial.

There are no surprise fees or additional charges for your attorney to make motions or to represent you at Trial. Please call +923332244634 OR +923002176393 for a Consultation. Attorney Inamullah Ansari makes an effort to answer his phone at all times of day or night to provide the best possible service to his clients.


Criminal Law Cases: A quality legal representation in a Criminal Case mandates the payment of a reasonable fee. “Reasonable”, as that term is used here, is not a “static” concept. It rather is dependent upon a number of factors, including the nature, severity and complexity of the charge, where the matter is brought (we routinely represent citizens throughout Pakistan and United Arab Emirates), what law enforcement agency, either State or federal, spearheaded the investigation, and even which Judge is assigned the case and which Prosecutor is selected to handle the matter for the Government.

Perhaps more importantly, the ‘reasonableness’ of a fee is dependent upon the lawyer selected to do undertake the representation. Different lawyers have different levels of experience, talent, knowledge of the local area, legal expertise, and track records. The practice of law is an art where success depends, as much as in any other art, upon the application of ingenuity, imagination, and sometimes even inspiration.

Establishing a fee is a unique process—as only one of its kind, the fact pattern involved in each and every Criminal prosecution. Some of the considerations utilized by our firm in establishing a “reasonable” fee are:
1. The time and labor expected to be required. (Criminal cases are rarely if ever charged ‘by per hearing’, but rather involve a “flat” fee, and, dependent upon the individual case, trial fees and, in some cases, a flat fee combined with a hearing charges, should the case exceed certain parameters).
2. The novelty, complexity and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skill level of the lawyer performing the services.
3. The likelihood that the engagement will act to preclude other employment by the lawyer.
4. The fees charged by other, similarly situated counsel for legal services of a similar nature.
5. The experience, reputation, diligence and ability of the lawyer performing the service, the skill, expertise and efficiency demonstrated throughout the course of the engagement.

If you are required to pay for a lawyer, there are several costs you can expect to encounter. These costs include:
1. Consultation Fee – Many lawyers give free consultations, but we are who charge a Consultation Fee. Contact a few local Attorneys to get an idea of whether you will be charged for the initial consultation.
2. Retainer Fee – Most Attorneys charge a retainer fee for you to acquire their services. The retainer fee is either a percentage of the case or, if the lawyer charges are on per hearing basis, the cost is depending on a number of hearings. Retainer fees can range on the severity of the charges. The retainer fee is usually placed in an account, and the lawyer costs are deducted from that account until it runs dry. From then on, the client is billed for additional expenses. We will charge a flat fee for certain offenses, so you will know upfront how much it will cost you. When speaking to an attorney, ask them about their fee structure so you get a clear picture of how much you’ll spend.
3. Additional lawyer costs – Lawyers also bill for costs such as paralegal work, travel expenses, photocopies and research. Be aware of these potential costs so they don’t come as a surprise on your total bill.
4. Court Fees – The court will sometimes charge fees that you will have to pay in addition to lawyer’s fees. These court fees can include filing costs, bailiff costs, service of process fees, jail fees and more.
5. Fees for Expert witnesses – Expert witnesses and investigators charge for their services and the cost is passed on to the defendant. Expert witnesses’ rates can range from hundreds to thousands depending on their specialty and level of involvement.

In a criminal prosecution, the client faces the ultimate sanction—loss of his or her liberty. The choosing of Counsel is an important decision; one with profound consequences, and one which should be carefully and thoughtfully made after deliberation. The decision of which Counsel to retain ought not to be relegated to one of ‘going with the lowest bidder’—the stakes are far too high.

The Law Firm may add a reasonable amount of time for using such specimen. Based on the assumption, that the preparation of one full page of a draft contract generally requires not less than one hour work for a lawyer, the number of hours actually spent and the number of hours added for starting with a specimen may not exceed the total number of pages of the first draft presented to the Client, excluding time spent for negotiations with the Parties.

Fees for special consultations, which due to their nature may require a special fee—agreement, such as registration of trademarks or patents or defense in criminal cases, shall be provided on request.


Legal Consultations on Civil and General Litigations:
In the meanwhile we are providing different kinds of Legal Consultations in Pakistan & UAE:
1. We provide Legal Advice to our Clients / Companies / Individuals, who have retained us free of cost.
2. Individual Clients have to pay the legal advice fees first and then if they are convinced to appoint us as their Attorney / Lawyer/ Advocate have to pay the required legal fees, which may differ from case—to—case nature.
3. Those who do not want to hire us and want legal advice can contact us, and we can send them written legal advice on the legal questions which they have through post or by hand.
4. Those who want to get Online Legal Consultation must send all the documents relating to their case and the required fees which demanded by the firm and our law firm members will send you a detail email regarding your case including the case laws / precedents which are required in your case.

Fee as a Divorce Law Attorney:
Finances often top the list of divorce worries, with divorce attorney fees being a major concern. Divorce attorneys usually charge an hourly rate figured in 15 minute increments, even if the service takes only a minute or two of his/her time. If you call every day, your monthly charge just for phone calls can total over Rs 100,000. If the process drags on for a year, you’ll pay 120,0000 and up just for those brief daily calls. Below are some tips that will help kept down expenses when it comes to legal fees charged by your divorce attorney.

Here’s How:
1. Get a written fee agreement.
Most divorce attorneys charge by the hour and require a deposit at the beginning of their service. Fees are then charged against the retainer until it is depleted. When this happens the client becomes responsible for any extra charges incurred. It is imperative that you obtain a written fee agreement that outlines the exact financial terms of the representation. Without one you may find yourself forking out money for hidden expenses or your Attorney’s daily lunch trip to the local diner.

2. Attempt to negotiate a settlement without the help of your attorney.
If you and your spouse are able to communicate, it is in your best interest to negotiate a settlement agreement and come to terms on the division of any marital property. This will not only keep down the expense of using an attorney but, also the expense of court ordered mediation.

3. Don’t be fooled into thinking a cheap attorney is a good attorney.
It’s good to be frugal when dealing with a divorce attorney. It’s a mistake to think you are going to save money by hiring an attorney who only charges a small fee. Even worse is hiring an attorney with very little experience who will work for less. Your objective should be to achieve a reasonable settlement with your spouse. To accomplish this you need an experienced attorney who might cost a bit more but will end up saving you money when all is said and done.


Out—of—Pocket Costs: 
Every case has certain out of pocket costs, such as Court filing fees, transcript fees or sometimes deposition and consultant or expert witness fees, as well as smaller incidental fees such as photocopying and messenger fees. While these are not usually substantial, they will always be your responsibility.

So, pick your favorite means of communication, email, phone, twitter, facebook, linkedin… You can also pop right in to the Corporate Headquarters & Consulting Chambers Driving Directions @ Block # 10, Gulshan—e—Iqbal OR Sindh High Court, Karachi—Pakistan.