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If you become aware that you are the subject of a criminal investigation, you need to act swiftly and with purpose. By taking steps against the filing of charges, you may be able to avoid having criminal charges filed against you altogether. When you have criminal charges filed against you and go to court to defend yourself, even if you are found innocent or charges are dropped, they can still appear on your record when someone performs a background check on you, and may still damage your reputation. The best way to avoid the negative stigma of a criminal trial is to take proactive defensive steps to avoid having charges filed against you. If you believe you may be charged with a criminal charge such as assault, battery, domestic violence or a white collar crime, contact a Criminal Defense Attorney from our firm as soon as possible. In cases like this, time is of the essence, so call us today.

One of the most effective defense activities is to get involved with the case prior to formal charges being filed. In many criminal cases, there are opportunities to reduce the damage to a client through a pre—file intervention. Our accomplished legal team will comb through the evidence surrounding the case to identify the potential for getting the charges reduced or dismissed prior to charges being filed. This is a critical aspect of a professional defense, and we are heavily engaged in pursuing these options when it will benefit our client. Our firm has had hundreds of cases dismissed over our years in practice, and we urge you to contact us immediately, prior to formal charges being filed whenever possible.

A Criminal Defense Lawyer from our firm will engage in any possible defense action, including getting involved in a pre—file intervention on your behalf. We represent individuals throughout the areas in misdemeanor and felony cases in either state or federal courts.


We believe that the best results are achieved for our clients when the prosecutor is aware that we are more than willin

g to take the case to a jury for a decision. We have served at over 200 jury trials, and know exactly how to present a defense case to the jury. Our willingness to take the case to trial could make the prosecutor more willing to negotiate with us with regard to the final charge being filed; this can make the difference between a felony or misdemeanor charge, and even having the charges filed against you at all.

Our firm has garnered a reputation for exceptional trial skills, acquittals in court, and for achieving favorable outcomes for our clients by engaging in negotiations very early in the process. We urge you to contact our

firm without delay if you believe that you will be facing charges, or have been arrested for a felony offense, whether a white collar crime, theft crime, sex crime, violent crime or juvenile crime. A pre—file intervention could be extremely productive and reduce the potential legal threat to you and your freedom.

The PTI Process

Below we have included a highlight of the entire PTI process from the application tot eh actual participation required in the program.

  • First, the defendant has to make application to the Pre—Trial Intervention program. At this point you are scheduled for an appointment to be interviewed by a Probation Officer/Investigator. The interview is completed during which background information is then verified through an investigative procedure. Also during this time, if it is discovered that a substance abuse or psychological evaluation is needed, a referral is made.
  • An application takes four to six weeks to process. The report is compiled from correspondence, the interview, substance abuse evaluation, etc. Once the application is completed, it is reviewed by the PTI Supervisor, the County Prosecutor and the Judge.
  • If admitted into PTI, the client is seen by the Probation Officer. Any problems are addressed by the Probation Officer, and all drug offenders are urine monitored by the Probation Officer with the assistance of a substance abuse evaluator. If you fail to meet the requirements of the program then you will be terminated from PTI and the charges will be re-opened against you.