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He is also an Adjunct Faculty Correspondent & Associate Courts Attorney of Former (1998—2013).

  • Director Legal NAB, Sindh.
  • Adjunct Professor of Law Hamdard University Karachi.
  • Director Legal Services, Civil Aviation Authority, Pakistan.
  • Adviser & Standing Counsel for National Logistic Cell—Sindh.
  • Deputy Prosecutor General Accountability (DPGA), NAB Sindh.
  • Member International Legal Committee International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Headquarters, Montréal, Canada.

The firm has a solid domestic base and an international clientele and is renowned for providing rapid, dependable and affordable legal services to its overseas commercial clients and expatriate Pakistanis living across the world. The firm’s unparalleled reputation for delivering the best commercial legal advice has been developed since—1999.

At the law firm of PAK & UAE Lawyers, we believe that our clients deserve lawyers who spend time getting to know the clients and their objectives. Partnered together for more than 22 years, our attorneys have decades of valuable combined experience.


Every day people just like you and I are saddled with legal issues ranging from Mental Health, Drug Addiction, Effects of serious Mental Illness and Substance Abuse on Criminal Offenses. Rarely until those issues reach our doorstep, however, do we consider the absolute importance of obtaining qualified and experienced legal counsel. Advocate Inamullah Ansari is well—versed in the areas of law described above, and can bring a sense of order and a plan for moving forward to your case while protecting your rights every step of the way. In the case of pending legal issues nothing could be more important, because the worst choice you could possibly make is to go it alone.

The widely held belief that serious mental illness has been “Criminalize” is based mainly on findings that persons with serious mental illness are more likely to be arrested (1) and are overrepresented in jails (2) and prisons (3). Why persons with serious mental illness are more likely to be arrested and incarcerated is unclear, but a literal and popular interpretation of the criminalization hypothesis implies two possibilities.

First, symptoms of serious mental illness have become de facto criminal offenses; that is, persons with serious mental illness are arrested and incarcerated for displaying psychiatric symptoms.Second, symptoms of serious mental illness motivate or otherwise cause actual Criminal Offenses.

If you’ve ever wondered why securing legal representation is so important, ask someone who has tried to proceed without it. The legal system can be a minefield waiting to trip up the uninitiated, and a good Attorney can bring a sense of order to the proceedings and a first rate plan for moving your case toward a positive resolution. Knowing you’ve got a qualified representative to champion your cause will keep you focused on the task at hand, and more importantly provide you with a game plan that takes into account the unique nature of your case.

Whether you’ve sustained an injury as the result of an accident that wasn’t your fault, find yourself as a defendant facing criminal charges, or are involved in a divorce or estate planning, you have certain unalienable rights. You can’t be expected to know how those rights work within the confines of the legal system, however, which is why those who don’t seek the help of qualified counsel are in essence giving those rights away. With over 22 years of experience in the legal professional, Advocate Inamullah Ansari can put his vast experience on the matters to work for you.

Finding yourself at the center of a legal case that has the ability to affect your life moving forward can be unsettling for the uninitiated, and is a situation that calls for legal representation guided by honesty, aggressiveness, and compassion. Let our over 22 years of experience protect your rights, provide support and peace of mind as the process unfolds, and guide you toward the best possible resolution in your case. Don’t go it alone. Always make securing legal representation your top priority.

Advocate Inamullah Ansari bring a family—friendly, community—oriented approach to the practice of law. He also serve Since—2011 as a Director Pakistan Khair For Families Organisation, Australian Business Number 37 161 470 186, Regulated by Australian Securities & Investments Commission, Registered Office @ MERRYLANDS NSW 2160, Australia.

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