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A mental illness involves a substantial disorder of thought, mood, perception, orientation or memory that grossly impairs judgment, behavior, and capacity to recognize reality or ability to meet the ordinary demands of life.

A mentally ill person, because of his or her illness:

  • is suicidal (The person represents a serious risk of physical harm to himself as manifest by evidence of threats or attempts at suicide or serious self—inflicted bodily harm).
  • is a danger to others (The person represents a substantial risk of physical harm to others as manifested by evidence of recent homicidal or other violent behavior, evidence of recent threats that place another in reasonable fear of violent behavior and serious physical harm, or other evidence of present dangerousness).
  • is unable to care for themselves (The person represents a substantial and immediate risk of serious physical impairment or injury to himself as manifested by evidence that he is unable to provide for and is not providing for his basic physical needs because of his mental illness and that appropriate provision for such needs cannot be made immediately available in the community).
  • is a risk to the rights of others (The person would benefit from treatment in a hospital for his or her mental illness and is in need of such treatment as manifested by evidence of behavior that creates a grave and imminent risk to the substantial rights of others or him or herself).

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It can be extremely difficult for individuals with mental illness to understand particular laws, and to communicate well with police officers when an issue arises. Furthermore, police officers are not well trained to deal with the special needs of a mentally ill person. As a result, many mentally ill individuals may find themselves under arrest and charged with crimes they did not commit or did not intentionally commit.

Someone who is actively psychotic, experiencing a manic episode, or simply taking their prescribed medications may appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and may be perceived as a threat even when they are not a danger to anyone and have done nothing wrong. The criminalization of mental illness is an injustice that cannot be overlooked. If your mentally ill loved one has been unjustly arrested, contact a Pakistan & U.A.E Criminal Defense Attorney from our firm today.

Additionally, if someone is perceived by police officers to be a threat to themselves or others, they may have that individual detained for up to 72 hours, under the Welfare and Institutions Code, without the chance of release. Code is similar but individuals can be detained for up to 14 days. In both cases, individuals may be forced to take antipsychotic medication against their will. If your loved one has been detained, they have little chance of being released on their own. They need the help of an attorney.

At PAK & UAE Lawyers, we believe that mentally ill individuals should not be detained, when their family is willing to take them into their care when they are released. With several years of combined experience in the areas of criminal defense law, we can defend your loved one if they are charged with a criminal offense, such as assault, battery, or sex crimes, such as sexual assault. We serve all of Pakistan and United Arab Emirates and its surrounding areas. We can help you through this difficult time, and make sure your loved one is released from detention as soon as possible.

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