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Our Karachi & Dubai mental health services include:

  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships
  • Representation of Proposed Patients in Civil Commitment Proceedings

Key concerns in mental health law include:

  • Determining whether a person is competent and capable of making their own life decisions.
  • Delegation of decision-making authority for those persons who are not competent and capable, either in the form of Guardianship / Conservatorship or in the form of Durable Power of Attorney (or even a Representative Payee).
  • The ability to access and finance medical care for the person with a mental illness, as well as long-term planning to ensure care after family members are deceased.

Guardianship and Conservatorship:

We know from experience that the role of guardian or conservator for a mentally ill person can difficult and emotionally trying, but it is also vitally important. Mental health attorney Inamullah Ansari Esq. is available to help families consider all available options for managing the affairs of their mentally ill family member, including guardianship or co—guardianship so that two family members can share the responsibility. If you cannot find a family member who is willing and able to undertake this responsibility.

The unique services that we provide in the area of mental health law are based upon distinct skills & experiences that have proven useful to our clients in other areas of practice as well. Karachi & Dubai mental health attorney Inamullah Ansari has established an area of expertise that is useful in understanding and dealing with the dynamics of our clients in the areas of personal injury, criminal charges, as well as divorce or custody disputes. Clients need a professional who understands and can help them deal with the emotional challenges, as well as the legal challenges they are facing. Drawing on his knowledge and experience in the area of mental health law and on the network of mental health professionals with whom he works, Inamullah Ansari is distinguished in his ability to provide a holistic approach to the practice of law.

 Who we help:

  • People who have been involuntarily admitted to a hospital
  • People appearing before the Guardianship Tribunal
  • Relatives and friends are also welcome to call us for advice

How we can help:

Advice and assistance:

We give independent advice about all areas of mental health law; we can also assist you:

  • by providing advice on what is required for appeals against refusal to be discharged from a mental health facility prior to a Mental Health inquiry being conducted;
  • by providing legal assistance in response to applications, or revocations, of financial management orders;
  • by giving legal advice over the telephone with regards to legal implications of the Mental Health Ordinances and the Trustee & Guardian Act;
  • by conducting appointments for people wishing to come and speak with a lawyer.

A social worker and lay advocate are also available to help with a wide range of related social issues.Advocacy Plus

If you have been detained in a hospital under the Mental Health Act you may be brought before the Mental Health Review Tribunal (‘the Tribunal’). A lawyer can represent you in the inquiry and also advise and represent you about things like your financial affairs, community treatment orders, and appealing against a refusal by the doctor to discharge you.

MHAS provides representation for people appearing before the Guardianship Tribunal. Call the MHAS well in advance of the hearing date so we can advise you or arrange representation.

Medical Care:

Undoubtedly the most difficult issue families face is the unwillingness of most mentally ill people to consent to medication or electroconvulsive shock therapy (ECT). It is the nature of the illness that the person believes there is nothing wrong with them. Our lawyers work with families seeking commitment orders for psychiatric hospitalization and forced treatment for people who are highly likely to benefit from treatment.

This is emotionally difficult for families, but many patients do improve with treatment; they are simply not capable of seeking it themselves. Inamullah Ansari will provide the legal counsel, information and support you need to take this challenging step so that your loved one can find relief. If necessary, Attorney Inamullah Ansari will serve as an emergency guardian in order to authorize treatment.

Your mentally ill loved one also has legal rights, including the right to say no to treatment. He or she will have legal representation at any court proceeding for commitment or treatment. Attorney Inamullah Ansari has also represented the interests of people who wish to pursue their legal right to control their own life.

These are not simple matters. At PAK & UAE Lawyers our Mental Health Law Attorneys have handled many complex mental health cases. We invite you to contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss your legal concerns.


Our services are located at Karachi & Dubai and are available from 9am to 5pm.

Contact us:
You can telephone for an appointment to come and speak to a lawyer. Or we can provide information and advice over the telephone.

Please contact MHAS as soon as possible if you want representation for a community treatment order or an appeal.

You may telephone the MHAS if you are not sure about what is happening to you.

Lawyers from MHAS, or private lawyers (arranged by MHAS), attend each hospital in Pakistan & U.A.E. that has involuntary patients. If you are seeing the Tribunal, a lawyer will come to see you first. You do not have to make a request to see the lawyer.