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Juvenile Cases

Juvenile Cases

A juvenile offense is a crime committed by a child under the age of 18. These “crimes” are actually legally referred to as “delinquent acts” when prosecuted in the juvenile courts.  Prosecutors have great discretion and are allowed to initiate the prosecution of a juvenile in adult court in many cases without judicial authorization. If you have a child who is being investigated for or has been accused of or charged with a crime or delinquent act in Pakistan or U.A.E, the best option for your child is to hire an attorney who is experienced in handling juvenile and criminal law. Having a child charged with criminal activity can be one of the most difficult situations a parent may face. It’s hard to know the right thing to do to protect a child’s future when he or she is in trouble and faces consequences in the criminal “justice” system. The attorneys at PAK and UAE Lawyers each have more than twenty—five years defending individuals charged with criminal activity and can be trusted to protect your child’s rights under state law.

Some common juvenile crimes include:
•    Burglary
•    Sexual assault
•    Drunk driving
•    Traffic offenses
•    Criminal mischief
•    Weapons possession
•    Theft and shoplifting
•    Gang-related activities
•    School crimes and truancy
•    School fighting and assault
•    lewd and lascivious activity
•    Drug charges and possession
•    Property crimes and vandalism
•    Underage drinking and fake IDs

Even if a child is technically guilty of committing a crime or delinquent act, the lawyers at PAK and UAE Lawyers will seek an outcome that focuses on rehabilitation rather than imprisonment or harsh punishment. The goal will be to minimize the long—term consequences and negative impact of a juvenile crime by seeking diversion from the “system” or  alternative sentencing options whenever available. These options can include counselling, community service programs, drug abuse education, traffic school, jail tours, and probation.

Juvenile Defense Law Firm
Having defended numerous felony and misdemeanor juvenile cases over the years, the juvenile crime attorneys at PAK and UAE Lawyers are aware of the options available to help your son or daughter clean up his or her record and get a fresh start.