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At times, an adult may need court intervention in order to receive needed services. This occurs most often when the adult with the disability does not see the need for treatment, while family and friends are concerned. Law provides for civil commitment of a person. This procedure allows a court to order that the person with the disability take medications, attend counseling, or even enter a psychiatric inpatient center.

The required criteria to determine the need for commitment is that a person must be:
Mentally ill or developmentally disabled, “A proper subject for treatment”, Dangerous to themselves or others; and
Dangerous to themselves includes self neglect (not providing themselves with proper shelter, medical care, nourishment, etc), or impaired judgment.

This may also include evidence of recent threats or attempts at suicide or serious bodily harm. A “proper subject for treatment” means that the person can be proven to be treatable—that the symptoms could be improved or controlled.

Civil commitments can be started in Three ways:
By a law enforcement officer, Three adults, at least one of which has first knowledge of the person to be committed, Or by a medical professional in a psychiatric hospital where the person is already receiving voluntary treatment.


The Ability To Help Disability.
It’s not all about receiving support – people also had a strong and genuine desire to help others through their contributions online. We want to make it easy for people to ask for and give help by letting people discover areas of expertise, find people who need support and enable people to acknowledge when content has been useful.

HOPE (Hang On To Power Everyday) exists to make this Pakistan a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Until then, we’ll be here.

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