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How to Choose a Lawyer


There comes a time in nearly everyone’s life where the services of a lawyer are required. The need arises unexpectedly and sometimes during other difficult times. Let us assist you in identifying your needs and finding the right lawyer to meet them. The best way to determine whether you have a legal problem or need legal assistance is to speak with a lawyer. You should be aware that in the Atlanta metropolitan area, many lawyers’ practices may be limited to certain areas of the law. Today, finding a general practitioner is rare unless you are living in a rural county. 

This firm charge for the initial consultation. The first time that you meet with a lawyer, you should be prepared to discuss and ask questions in regards to the facts of the potential legal problem that brings you to our Consulting Chamber.

Be ready to fully explain your situation to us. Bring any papers or documents you think may help explain the story to the initial consultation. We will cover both practical solutions to the problems as well as options available under the law.


We will be happy to discuss our experience in dealing with cases similar to yours. If we think we lack the experience you need, we will refer other lawyers who are familiar with cases such as yours. We can give examples of other cases we have handled, while respecting those previous clients’ privacy. We will discuss anticipated fees and costs and should be able to give you some idea of the legal fees as well as costs (expenses for the action) associated with your legal matter. Whether you, as the client, will be charged on a per hearing basis or a flat fee is mostly up to us.

We will want to discuss your expectations, what we can promise and what we can’t promise. It is extremely important at the very beginning that we fully understand what we want to accomplish.