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First Time Offenders

Get A Second Chance

Many of the clients that the Criminal Defense Attorneys at PAK & UAELawyers represent are first time offenders. If you have never been arrested or charged with a crime, this is a very stressful and uncomfortable situation. Individuals lose a lot of sleep, wondering what the criminal justice system has in store for them. When a person is arrested, and they sit down with an experienced attorney at PAK & UAE Lawyers, they sleep better at night knowing that our firm is on the case. Keep in mind that your lack of a Criminal record will work to your advantage.

The Criminal Defense Attorneys at PAK & UAE Lawyers have handled hundreds of cases for first time offenders. A large number of the cases result in dismissals, or acquittals. Of course, this depends on the nature and circumstance of your Criminal offense and the number of offenses for which you are charged. Because you are a first time offender, the Criminal Defense team at PAK & UAE Lawyers has a lot of flexibility in defending your case.

Early Intervention is the Key

The Attorneys at PAK & UAE Lawyers have been extremely successful in meeting with pre—filing prosecutors prior to the arraignment (formal filing of the charges). We use your first—time offender status to our advantage and are extremely effective in preventing the filing of the charges and in reducing felony charges to misdemeanors. It is extremely important to hire the defense firm of PAK & UAE Lawyers as early as possible, so we can intervene and convince the prosecution that this is a onetime event and present evidence on your behalf. If we fail to intervene early, the prosecutions will rubber stamp your case and file the charges for which you were arrested by the police. Failure to intervene early in a case will inhibit your Criminal Defense Attorney’s ability to beat your charges early on in the case.

Remember, if the prosecutor files charges – PAK & UAE Lawyers has more bullets in the gun. There are several options left to the Criminal Defense team at PAK & UAE Lawyers.


Pre—trial Intervention/Diversion This is a program run by the local state Attorney’s office. PAK & UAE Lawyers are extremely effective in getting their clients enrolled in the pre—trial intervention or pre—trial diversion program. The programs vary from country to country. They are only available to first time offenders. Keep in mind; the programs are usually only offered in misdemeanor and in simple non—violent felony cases. A person offered pre—trial intervention / diversion merely have to enroll in the program and complete certain conditions (i.e., community service hours, drug testing, an anger management class or a values class) depending on the offense. When you complete the program successfully, the State dismiss all the charges against you. PAK & UAE Lawyers can then expunge your record, so no one will ever know you were arrested.

Plea Bargaining

Your clean record will serve you well when a PAK & UAE Lawyers Defense Attorney negotiates on your behalf. It is imperative to receive withhold of adjudication for two reasons. The first prevents you from being a convicted felon and losing the majority of your civil liberties, such as being able to own a firearm. A withhold also entitles you to seal your record after your case is closed. This prevents employers and friends from discovering your situation. At the onset of the case, our lawyers engage in the discovery process by reviewing documents, performing background checks and deposing witnesses and victims. After the Criminal Defense Attorneys at PAK & UAE Lawyers have punched so many holes in the your case, the prosecution will many times have no choice but to dismiss the charges. Generally, the worst case scenario results in a short term of probation with minimal conditions.

Confidently Get Tha jOB


Trial by Jury or Judge!!! When a client does not want to accept the plea offer and PAK & UAE Lawyers could not convince the prosecution to drop the charges, we are the Trial Attorneys you need to defend your case. As a collective, the legal team at PAK & UAE Lawyers has tried in excess of 500 cases to verdict with a 90% acquittal rate. Our finest Criminal Trial Lawyers will be with you every step of the way. Our proficiency in trial work has gained our reputation as one of the finest Criminal Defense Trial firms in Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.

For a discreet consultation with a PAK & UAE Criminal Defense Lawyer, or if you have questions regarding your first and last case that need to be answered, please contact us as soon as possible after your arrest. You can call our office at +92(0)3332244634 / 3002176393 or Contact us Online.