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Drinking per se is not a defect of character; it is not a disease either. Alcoholism is! You can judge drinking & Alcoholism a part by consequences. Rest assured Alcoholism is treatable at any stage.

Alcohol is the most commonly used drug and if used safely it can be a great way to celebrate. The intoxicating ingredient in alcohol is ethyl and it occurs in different amounts in each type of drink. Alcohol alters mood, thinking and behavior and if over used it can cause major health and social problems.

How much is too much?
Men and women have a different tolerance level of alcohol. Generally men can drink more than women before they are affected. For women, low risk drinking would be drinking less than two standard alcoholic drinks in a day, hazardous drinking is drinking between two and four drinks while harmful drinking is drinking more than four drinks in a day. For men, low risk drinking is less than four standard drinks, hazardous drinking is between four and six drinks and harmful drinking is more than six drinks in a day. (See chart on the next page for a guide to standard drinks).

What are some of the effects of over using alcohol?

Short—term effects!
• Hangover
• Memory loss
• Loss of control
• Impaired judgment
• Nausea and shaking
• Double vision and slurred speech
• Increased aggression and violence

Long—term effects!

  • Depression
  • Brain damage
  • Feeling guilty
  • Sleep problems
  • Low self esteem
  • Relationship problems
  • Poorer performance at work
  • Liver damage, gastrointestinal problems and other health problems

Ways to drink safely!!!

  • Drink water to prevent dehydration
  • Do not “scull” as this can lead to alcohol poisoning, coma and death
  • Space out drinks with water, soft drink or other non-alcoholic drinks
  • Eat a substantial meal before drinking or at least while you are drinking
  • “Pass” on a round or buy one but then opt out of the rest of the rounds
  • Take care of yourself and look out for your friends when you are drinking
  • Limit the amount of money you take out to help reduce your alcohol intake
  • Avoid drinking in rounds. If you do join in, occasionally order a non-alcoholic drink
  • Finish the glass before refilling so you can keep track of how much you are drinking


People often ask what is the diagnostic criterion of Alcoholism? The short & simple answer is: When you see a finger pointed at some body’s drinking, it is Alcoholism.

At some point, the drinking pattern begins to diverge; those who are destined to become Alcoholics start to drink more & more often. They ensure the supply & can’t stop once start.

Excessive drinking brings on Lethal kind of Depression & Suicidal thoughts start flashing through the Mind. If the course of the Disease is not interrupted, the end is certain to be Suicide, either slowly with Alcohol or in a more direct violent way.

There is Lethal Depression at the climax which some Physicians treat with Anti-Depressants. This Depression is in fact secondary to Alcoholism & can be treated only by quitting.

Alcohol is quickly absorbed into Blood stream; Blood Alcohol Level (BAL) is a percentage of Alcohol in the Blood which determines the effect on behavior.

Alcohol is very rich in Calories too. These Calories can’t be stored & are to be consumed at once. So the energy “KICK” is its most deadly Characteristic.

Alcohol is a selectively Addicting Drug. Alcoholism is Bio, Psycho & Social Disease. It starts in the body, affects the Mind & destroys Life. Psychological damage is the result & not the cause of the Alcoholism.

We reviewed the history of involvement with Alcohol or Drugs & have identified symptoms of Addictive disease that explaining that it is a Chronic, Progressive & Potentially fatal disease.

First the man takes the drink & then the drink takes a drink & finally the drink takes the man.

You are hesitant to approach your love one because it is difficult, he/she will refuse, like always. Assertiveness, Tough Love & Intervention is the key to the problem. Act Now! We have a Step-by-Step plan to put your love one back on road to Recovery. Don’t suffer in silence. The miracle for which you have been waiting since long is now within your reach. Grab the opportunity! Meet & Feel; Call us now Some One is waiting.

*Awareness is the key to combating disease.
*Lack of information sends drug-users online.
*The true cost often ends in tragic loss of life.


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