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Guarding the Legal Rights of Alcoholics, Drug Addicts, Mentally Insanes Who are in Recovery

For those who have recovered from the diseases of Drug or Alcohol or other Addictions, all laws affords them rights pertaining to treatment and other health services, housing and employment. By law, Addicts in recovery may have the right to reasonable accommodation in employment and the right to medical leave for treatment. Further, there is legislation in place to protect the rights of Addicts from:

  • Illegal drug or alcohol tests
  • Employment discrimination
  • Insurance denials for treatment
  • Improper disclosure of medical records

If you believe you have experienced illegal discrimination, or your rights have been violated, call Inamullah Ansari. A pioneer in the field of Addictions Law, Mr. Ansari has been working in the Addictions field since the 2007. He understands the intricacies of Addictions and Alcohol to Alcoholism, and he works to guard the protections afforded under laws such as the Law against Discrimination (LAD), Pakistanis with Disabilities Act (PDA) and the Family Medical Leave (FML).

Guiding Employers and Treatment Facilities Through Addictions Law Compliance

Employers must carefully consider how they craft and carry out Corporate policies and procedures when Alcoholics and other Addicts are employees. Awarded rights under the laws, these employees may bring a lawsuit against employers who fail to be in compliance. To best protect your company’s financial and human resources and reputation, it is important to consult with an Attorney experienced in employment law and Addictions law.

Addiction treatment providers are not immune to suit in regard to the rights of Alcoholics and Drug Addicts. Facilities must review their treatment protocols and workplace policies to ensure compliance and confidentiality. Further, it is important to have access to an employment and Addictions law attorney, should legal action be taken against the facility for discrimination, harassment, malpractice or liability claims. Treatment facilities must also sort through the maze of regulations and confidentiality requirements imposed by the law. Mr. Ansari can help to keep them within the law.


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Whereas there once were very few Addiction Treatment Programs, Inamullah Ansari lobbied for broadening the field, getting Counsellors Licensed / Certified, requiring insurance coverage for treatment, and legislating government protections. Today, he is viewed as a pioneer in the field for his groundbreaking work,  lobbying,  speaking and  writing  in Addictions law matters. Contact him today to learn how he can help you.