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About Us

About Us

“We call for solidarity among all who love justice, all who love life, to create a revolution that will empower every single human being to govern his or her life, to govern the society and to be fully productive of life quality for self and for all.”

When your life is on the line, an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney may be able to save it. When your reputation is being paraded about in the Media, a lawyer with high—profile media experience can be both a calming influence and an effective litigator. When your freedom hangs in the balance, a skilled lawyer with relevant experience and qualities should be by your side to represent you.

“Constituted Lawful Record Attorneys Management Online Counselling Protocols” are available in full swing to walk around in your mind fields for relative comforts as well as more self—directed practices and they all need to have a “Law Clinic” with you for your HR faculty for nurturing our field(s) of interests & concerns of many others too. 

There are times when legal assistance is necessary—The PAK and UAE Lawyers is one of the largest legal services in the Nation. If you are buying / selling a home, starting a business, going through a divorce or need a will, you may need to hire the right attorney in your area to answer your questions and help resolve your legal problems.

The Present Tense of Pakistan Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Effects of Serious Mental Illness and Narcotic Substance Dependency On Criminal Offenses. A Project of PAK and UAE Lawyers Online advising to ensure extension of special assistance and due care extended maximum assistance and priority to senior citizens, disabled and handicapped persons in using their Legal needs as far as possible in meeting their genuine requirements in order to alleviate their hardship.


PAK and UAE Lawyers are leader in the profession with regard to advanced technology, and we are committed to using these tools to provide added value to our clients. The firm is launched a comprehensive program to enhance our use of system that improves efficiency and client service. As part of this program, we are created a web based access to our clients for their cases updates through secure login. The Firm in this position is dedicated to enhancing client relationships through technology solution.

We hope nay sure that this “Online Profile Showcase across the Internet Cloud” provides the Science of Addiction, Effects of Serious Mental Illness and Substance Abuse on Criminal Offenses Law on Electronic Media and now have grown to respect in the Web Technology for Anonymity “http://www.pakanduaelawyers.com“.