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Accreditation Pakistan — Addiction Counseling, Mental Health Law Courts Intervention & Back Channel Diplomacy Online a National Educational, Legal, Medical, Community…working and staying together…

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Criminal Defense Court Advocate, Interventionist, Coordinated Counsellor & Rehabilitator Inamullah Ansari License to Practice since—1999; as an Advocate of the High Court’s. He has worked with adolescents since 2005 in a variety of different settings.

As an Attorney with more than 15 years of experience, Inamullah Ansari is uniquely qualified to understand what you have been through with an Alcoholic or Drug Addicted spouse. He has deep, broad perspective on all types of Addictions, including those that may be more difficult to establish such as Sex or Porn Addiction.

Attorney Ansari also knows that not all suspected or alleged Addictions are actual ones, and that not every questionable behavior should have an impact on a divorce outcome or custody dispute. You can turn to this law firm for caring, balanced personal attention focused on protecting your children, your rights and your future.


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