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Criminal Defense Attorneys – Trial Lawyers!

The partners at PAK & UAE Lawyers met and worked closely together in the field of Criminal law as prosecutors; combining experience with their Criminal Defense practice has led to defend clients charged with serious state and federal crimes with great success. If you require the assistance of a Criminal Defense Law firm, PAK & UAE Lawyers will defend you with the utmost skill and effort.

PAK & UAE Lawyers is dedicated to the vigorous defense of individuals who are accused of committing a crime. At PAK & UAE Lawyers, the Attorneys work together as a team to provide the very best Criminal Defense for each and every client. Don’t you deserve the best Criminal Defense Lawyer to defend your rights? Call us today.

From the moment of arrest, through all phases of trial, and even appeal, PAK & UAE Lawyers specializes in Criminal Defense law, and works hard to provide each client with a thorough, well—prepared, and compelling defense. PAK & UAE Lawyers knows that choosing the right attorney may be the most important decision a client may make in their life, and the firm is honored each time that choice is PAK & UAE Lawyers.

Litigation and Trial Focus!

Although PAK & UAE Lawyers excels in Criminal Defense, the firm has expanded to offer a range of legal services such as Military Law, Extradition, Immigration, Personal Injury, Business Law and Commercial Litigation. The firm’s founding members are all noted trial lawyers.

With Trial Attorneys at the helm, litigation — including trials and appeals in both state and federal courts — is the centerpiece of PAK & UAE Lawyer’s practice. PAK & UAE Lawyers are respected and revered for their courtroom expertise, and clients seek their unique talents in a wide variety of cases.

The firm’s clients have entrusted attorneys with the most complex and high-exposure Criminal Cases. As PAK & UAE Lawyers has grown, we have added separate divisions that handle cases involving product liability, automobile accidents, slip—and—fall, intellectual property, commercial and civil litigation lawsuits.


The PAK & UAE Lawyers Practice Management!

Our Attorneys are dedicated to providing effective Criminal Defense and representing clients with unparalleled skill and knowledge, while at the same time, providing cost—effective, result—oriented legal solutions. Through computer—assisted legal research, state—of—the—art word processing, case management systems, and internet access, PAK & UAE Lawyers are on the cutting edge of technology and office efficiency.

The law firm’s size, coupled with its technological and staff resources, results in the kind of efficient, effective and prompt services that the current marketplace demands.

Our highly experienced Criminal Defense attorneys are aware of the importance of details in all of the cases they handle. As a result, the senior partners evaluate, analyze, and handle most direct client contact. The law firm uses the latest technology to provide its lawyers and staff with constantly updated resources. Consequently, representation is more efficient, and the quality is unsurpassed.

Each defense attorney brings a broad spectrum of backgrounds and expertise to the firm. This diversity ensures that each case is examined and evaluated from a multitude of perspectives.

A Proven Family Law Attorney With Extensive Knowledge Of Addiction!!!
You may have spent years or decades tolerating abuse and suffering other consequences of your husband’s or wife’s addiction. You may have tried many times to persuade him or her to get counseling or substance abuse treatment. Points to consider as you seek legal representation include:

Fault is a consideration in many divorces, and habitual intoxication and habitual drug addiction are specifically named as grounds for divorce.

Gaining admission of an addiction and assembling evidence of addiction for presentation in court are tough challenges that may demand a lawyer with relevant psychiatric credentials.

Questions About Addiction Issues In Divorce And Custody?

People who need representation to get out of an emotionally damaging, destructive marriage turn with confidence to Inamullah Ansari. He is also prepared to Advocate assertively for you if your spouse is falsely claiming you have an Alcohol, Drug, Pornography or other Addiction to gain leverage in your divorce or custody matter. Attorney Ansari has helped many men and women obtain justified post—divorce modifications as well.

Dedicated Counsel For Divorce, Custody And Post—Divorce Challenges!!!
Attorney Ansari is a sought—after resource not only for a diverse clientele facing family law problems, but also for therapists and social workers in need of sound, insightful legal guidance. He frequently speaks at forums sponsored by educational and community institutions. For a more comprehensive account of his impressive qualifications and career accomplishments, please follow the link below to a full profile.

I became a Coordinated Counsellor after recovering from my own difficulties and my own experience of personal Structured Counselling is that the process may take time, but with commitment it can bring about remarkable changes in how life is approached, how it feels to live in the day—to—day.

I find that some clients want focused short term help, where we look at specific solutions together. Other clients wish for something more open—ended.

I work from a peaceful garden studio and I offer counselling 6pm-10pm 6 days a week for individual or couples psychodynamic counselling and others with relationship issues, as well as those suffering from anxiety, panic disorder, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar and manic depression, separation and divorce, post natal depression, sexual or emotional abuse, family issues, bullying, anger management, low self-confidence, bereavement, redundancy, phobias, suicidal thoughts, affairs and betrayals, alcoholism, drug abuse, stress and many other areas of concern.

I was a Criminal Defense Lawyer before and now working in Alcoholism, Drug Addiction and Psychiatric Illnesses Rehab House. Clients tell me they appreciate seeing someone with experience of other walks of life.

They also value my garden studio setting as a calm place that is confidential and reassuring – somewhere they can explore what they need to talk about in confidence and at their own pace.

We do this as part of a shared commitment, working through what you need to discuss in a way that is appropriate for you.

Psychodynamic approach / Sessions. Compassionate, results—driven Counsel is provided by a lawyer with: More than 22 years of experience in a family law practice focused on helping clients favorably resolve divorce and custody cases as well as problems after or outside of divorce

Invaluable experience as a Coordinated Counsellor, resulting in a proven ability to address mental health issues, abuse and child custody issues that may involve special—needs children.

A staunch commitment to delivering firm, aggressive advocacy and achieving outcomes that enables clients to move forward with stability and hope.

A Premier Legal Resource For Therapists • Available For Speaking Engagements
In addition to serving family law clients across the cultural spectrum of life in Karachi, Mr. Ansari offers complimentary telephone consultations to therapists and social workers. He regularly helps professionals confront issues of confidentiality, subpoenas and lawsuits, regulatory concerns and more.


This firm is a comprehensive legal resource for questions about expert witness testimony, privilege, fees, protective orders, trial preparation and other pivotal matters. Pakistan’s Premier Family Arbitration Attorney and proven litigator Inamullah Ansari is also a highly regarded speaker on topics involving the intersection of family law with mental health and social services. Mr. Inamullah Ansari offers brief telephone consultations regarding the legal issues they confront.

Work Closely And Directly With Mr. Inamullah Ansari In A Comfortable Setting!!!
This firm’s offices are located in a dedicated building conducive to productive dialogue rather than an office complex. Pakistan Attorney Inamullah Ansari is intently focused on clients’ personal and overall well—being. Inamullah Ansari focuses on administration and assists customer service professional with a wealth of administrative and legal experience as well as excellent relationships with court personnel.

Practicing Throughout Karachi, Including Sindh: A Family Law Attorney Who Will Understand And Prioritize Your Case!
Mr. Inamullah Ansari has deep empathy for the trauma faced by divorcing couples and their children. Wherever you reside in the Karachi or surrounding area, help with your divorce, parenting—time dispute, or post—divorce modification challenge is one call away to +923332244634 or +923002176393. The firm accepts Only CASH payments for all services.

Advocate Inamullah Ansari brings over 22 years of legal experience, as well as a lifelong dedication to standing up for other people’s rights, to his family law practice serving the entire Karachi area. His background brings a sensitivity to the emotional concerns of his clients during stressful and often traumatic times.

Don’t be intimidated when your interests are at stake. Call Inamullah Ansari to serve as your Advocate for matters involving divorce, post—divorce issues, custody and parenting time (visitation), division of property, and sexual abuse by professionals.

Inamullah Ansari an Advocate responsible for legislative activities, community consultation and programming. Inamullah Ansari, is a Lawyer with extensive experience in research, practice and teaching in the field of Addictions and Concurrent Disorders.

Inamullah Ansari is a Licensed to Practice as an Advocate for a Mental Health and Substance Use Rehab. Previously, he was project manager for the Untreated Heavy Drinkers project, a longitudinal study of 500 untreated heavy drinkers and their relatives in Pakistan. He has provided treatment to people with Concurrent Addictions and Mental Health problems at Karachi—Pakistan. He has also held roles in Alcohol, Drug and Problem Gambling Prevention, and Community—based Dual Diagnosis Support Services, and a Senior Affiliate Researcher and Referral Relater in Addiction Counselling.

By Inamullah Ansari:
People with Addictions struggle not only with uncomfortable symptoms and complex lifestyle issues, but also with the Stigma which causes so many to live in secrecy, rarely if ever revealing the true nature of their Addictive behavior. With a better understanding of Addictions, those involved in Addictive behaviors, as well as their families and loved ones can gain new hope, and begin to take control of their own lives.