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Addiction and Mental Illness Touches Every One.

Spread The Word “Addiction — A Chronic Relapsing Brain and Family Disease”.


“Alcohol Becoming An Equal Opportunity Destroyer”.
Mental Health Emergency and Human Resilience Attorneys
Instant Intelligence For Your Wisdom! The Present Tense of Pakistan!
A man takes a drink, the drink takes another, and the drink takes the man.
“Addiction is anything we continue to do despite negative consequences; besides
drugs & alcohol, these can include work, food, sex, exercise, parenting or even cleaning”.

Mental Health Pakistan — Accredited MINDS Optimizing BRAINS Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence For The Present Tense “Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Effects of Serious Mental Illness & Narcotic Substance Dependencies On Criminal Offenses”.

“Fetal Alcohol to Alcoholism Spectrum Disease, Narcotics Drug & Psychotropic Substances Abuse Inpatient / Intensive Outpatient Detox & Rehab House, Addiction Denial Behaviors Virtual Reality Counseling For Change Proposed immersive VR for Addicted Patients, Effects of Serious Psychiatric Illnesses On Felony / Misdemeanor Offenses, Forensic Mental illness Civil & Criminological Disorders Law Courts Structured Family Inclusive Virtual Reality (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR) Interventions in lieu of Convictions, Facilitators of an Immersive Virtual Reality Constituted Intervention for hospital-based, provider-led strategic and immediate deliverables; an Integrated Web-Based Mental Health Interventions of Assessment-Referral-Care to Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression in Hospitalized comprising Psychosocial assessment and Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for antenatal inpatients – A Feasibility Study Protocol of Hospital-Based Implementation Can provide with a tightly integrated digital solutions and a Legal Realities Centre for Evidences, Direct Cross-Examinations, Psychological Evaluations, Trials & an Experts Witness Technology in the Courtrooms/Boardrooms/Screening Rooms Testimony”.

The widely held belief that serious mental illness has been “Criminalize” is based mainly on findings that persons with serious mental illness are more likely to be arrested (1) and are over represented in jails (2) and prisons (3). Why persons with serious mental illness are more likely to be arrested and incarcerated is unclear, but a literal and popular interpretation of the Criminalization hypothesis implies two possibilities.

First, symptoms of serious mental illness have become de facto criminal offenses; that is, persons with serious mental illness are arrested and incarcerated for displaying psychiatric symptoms. Second, symptoms of serious mental illness motivate or otherwise cause actual Criminal Offenses.

The Nation’s Number One Bio / Psycho / Social / Cultural / Spiritual Family disease across all Societal boundaries, affect both genders, every ethnic group and people in every Tax bracket.

Consolidated leading Agenda for Digital Citizens that provides a diverse educational curriculum on the Prevention, Intervention in Lieu of Conviction, Structured Counseling, Treatment, Recovery and Cogent Law Management.

As concerned Pakistani, we cannot wait any longer for a solution relating to the entire Emotional and Intellectual responses of Natives to reality, Abusing of Mood—altering chemicals & Criminalization crisis that affect various Generations, Cultures & Rituals.

An Obligatory Manifold Mission of PAK & UAE Mental Health Lawyers advising to ensure extension of special assistance and due care extended maximum assistance and priority to senior citizens, disabled and handicapped persons in using their Legal needs as far as possible in meeting their genuine requirements in order to alleviate their hardship.